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2 copies Integral Pro

  • My website uses the Integral Pro theme. After that was all set up I purchased another Integral Pro license for When I click Appearance > Themes, I think that perhaps my original Integral Pro is being used.

    It just will not work right for me. For instance, I go to Appearance > Menu & make a new menu. I just cannot make it show up. When I look the the post I made (, the username at the bottom is Peter7. That is my username for Themely support from my first copy of Integral Pro.

    Please point me in the right direction.


    Hi @glove

    Ok I’m not exactly sure what the issue is.

    The site has a menu which appears at the top.

    I do see it has the Peter7 user in the post.

    Did you copy the website to create the 2nd website?

    As long as you have 2 different domain names and WordPress instances, and install the theme on both, you should not have any issues.

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