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Big changes to Launch v. 1.0.5?

  • It seems like the design of Launch changed dramatically with the newest update. When I updated my site today, everything changed and I was unable to make my design look the way it used to. Is this expected behavior, or has something gone wrong?

    Hello @aamartines

    The last update of Launch was back in November, we haven’t made any updates since then.

    Are you sure you updated the theme and not WordPress itself?

    Hey Hans,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Yikes – I hadn’t realized the v. 1.0.5 update was all the way back in November.

    Regardless, I was using 1.0.0 on a website that was mostly lying dormant until recently. I’d done all of the design work using the style of v. 1.0.0, but updating to v. 1.0.5 seems to result in some pretty big design changes, and I’m totally unable to make the site look how it looked when I was using v. 1.0.0. Any tips or ideas?


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