The original post submitted before I finished, this is the full message:

I logged onto the site unable to save any changes to any sections or pages resulting in a “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” but widgets would save. I tried a whole slew of things to fix this including: Deactivating all plugins/themes, Changing PHP version, Trying different browsers, freeing up space in the remote disk, restoring from backups, and more. This problem was not solved but I was able to successfully make edits on my phone using service instead of wifi.

The original problem has something to do with my own wifi I think, but this saving changes problem that randomly started this morning caused the titles/headings in the welcome section to completely vanish as well as some strange alignment issues I’ve never seen before. Checking the integral pro options, all of the text and settings that should be there are present but the site shows only the background image. I tried to reset the section and that did not fix the issue. I tried to add custom CSS to possibly overwrite any strange code but that also did not work.

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