First of all please dont say “I think there is an issue with your installation of WordPress.” Dont just think . Secondly u said “I also noticed your site is very slow, it could be that the TweetScroll script is timing out.” If i put back ur twitter like demo api then it does work but if i put mine in backend then it does not. Secondly if i put twitter widget code manually then it does work and show feeds .. so neither its issue of twitter feed nor its issue of wp.. because i again setup same theme on other domain here i dont get any wp error… So u can check here –

Here also twitter not working..

Lastly it is not my responsibility to check ur theme issues tht u will suggest me to do this and everytime i have to do and check.. I have bought theme from u so u must fix it for me .. and this will be the last time am checking for u now u have to fix it .. if after this msg u did not fixed then am going to ask refund for theme in my next msg and if u neither fixed it nor refund it then i will find a way to get it… So be responsible and fix it .. otherwise i will have no problem in getting the refund and publish posts about ur theme and ur support