Hi Hans,
Thanks for your answer But I’ve already read all this and I still don’t know how to do my things.
My site has 3 languages and even if I did not done yet the translation the pages are ready to be translated.
But I don’t know or find the way to translate some fields and this is my goal, in the welcome section of the Parallel pro !! Title Line 22nd line of the title in french I’d like Bienvenu and In english Welcome (Thats an exemple)
How can I do that ?
I have polylang Pro and I read all of their Helps but I cannot find out and solve my problem.
Can you help me in this direction ? just in order me to understand how it goes because I’m a beginner and I don’t know all the tips.
My problem is :
I Have 3 home pages and everytime I press the flag of the languages I recall the Home page belonging to the correct language Ex :
I press the french Flag and I arrive to the Page named Accueil French appears.
I press the english Flag and I arrive to the Page names Accueil English appears.
Basically both of the page are equals but I would like to change manually the content of the fiels in the Welcome section.
Can you help me with that ?
Also and this is not for the translation problem but when I scroll till the top of my site the Header becomes Translucid.
How could I keep it White because after a smal scrolling down it become white and I want it like this.
Thanks in advance