Hello @artofwalls,

Hope you are doing well. Unfortunately, adding text after Team title is not supported now. I’ll let you know if there is a plan to add this feature.

You can customize your child theme to output text there. You can achieve it by adding your code between 17th and 18th line of code in the /sections/team.php file.

Yes, however, it will also need some small code customization. You may want to edit each section file of your child theme (e.g. /sections/project-single.php). Changing 17th line of that file from:
<h2 class=”smalltitle”><?php echo $integral[‘project-single-title’]; ?><span></span></h2>
<h2 class=”bigtitle“><span><?php echo $integral[‘project-single-title’]; ?></span></h2>

Will make your Single Project title same size, uppercase, same margins and double horizontal lines at both sides will be also there.

Unfortunately, we do not support icons above other sections. If you want to output the same icon as in the Work section, you should simply paste this below code in the line above the <h2 class=”bigtitle”> section:

<?php if ($integral[‘work-title-icon’]) { ?><i class=”fa <?php echo $integral[‘work-title-icon’]; ?>”></i><?php } ?>

Hope the above is useful to you, let me know if you have any problems.