Dear Hans
Sorry but i still have a couple of problems with the theme translation.
I’m using WPML.
I’m able to translate the strings, but i’m looking some forms or words currently not present in to the string list.
Just a simple example:
By Parall Pro the native language is English, so going to “Call to Action 2” on the Parallel Options, i can write the call to action in English or Italian, but not both.
So the question is, how can i add those sections in more languages?
Just to be more precised:
On the Parallel Pro Demo, on the Call to action 2, we have:

“Build Your Website with Parallel
Lorem ipsum veniam adipisicing cupidatat dolor do adipisicing commodo.”

Now, i can customize with my call to action, but how can i add one more language?

Using widgets i can select wich language have to be visible or not, but with the single section i can’t do it.

Maybe the solution is easy and on front of me, but nothing…