Thanks a lot!!!

You need to keep the screenshot.png image.


Activate the child theme then go to Appearance > Editor to edit the style.css file.

Done and seems to be working, I only needed to activate the logo again.
I looks like this now:

Theme Name: Integral Child
Theme URI: http://www.themely.com/themes/integral/
Author: Themely
Author URI: http://www.themely.com/
Description: Child theme for Integral (Free Version)
Template: integral

@import url(“../integral/style.css”);

/** Theme customization starts here
.spacer {
height: 160px;

Is there a list of settings you can change in the style.css. I want to change some other things too, like the height of the welcome background image on the home page because the picture doesn’t seem to fit.

Do I need to do anything with functions.php ?

Kind regards and thanks a lot again.