Hi Hans, this issue has dogged me, and then I found out there is a plugin that supports scalable vector graphics in wordpress (SVG Support), added my SVG logo no problem, then added it to the site identity image – but I think there is some problem with scalability because the image just won’t render at all – any idea why this might be happening? I reverted the the PNG that still works but it is not crisp – this has to do with the way red pixels display on the interior of the ‘T’ shape – no amount of fiddling with import/export/scaling/format has resolved this – I had hoped SVG was the solution – looks great – but I just need it to show up in the header? The two most current images in my library are the 80x80px logo right beside the SVG image. Would appreciate if you can let me know if there is a way I can get this to work! Thanks!