Hello Hans,

I just installed the theme locally with Flywheel. I made a copy of the site online.
I’m having trouble viewing:

1) with the contact page I use contactform7 and the textarea field does not size correctly. It exceeds in width. He goes out of the screen to die. If I set a size [textarea your-message 40×10] the size is not taken into account.

2) always with contactform7 the Acceptance Checkboxes are centered and the text is written on the line below. There is an unwanted carriage return. The centering of the Acceptance Checkbox is not wanted either.
Here is the code [acceptance acceptance-19] You agree that the data entered in this form will be used to contact you as part of your request. [/ Acceptance]

3) “In the project grid section” there are 3 columns. Since the update, a scrollbar has appeared to the right of each column. The text is totally displayed. I do not find the solution to no longer display these scroll bars.

I try wiht PHP 5.6.20, 7.0.3 and 7.3.2

Thanks for your help,