Hi, I followed your advice. That worked fine. But I did have to create the folder structure the same way as the parent theme. And copy the contact.php and the services.php in the correct folder in the child theme. So I changed the theme from dark to lite for contact and services. Partly this works. It leaves some minor style issues. Maybe you have the quick answer to this as well.

After changing to lite the subtitle under CONTACT is highlighted in black. Should be just black letters on the white/lite background. Please check aviation.keuning.nu and view contact section. Also I would like the button to have my blue color as the other buttons. And the social media items are not visible, probably white.

Here the subtitle is correct…some black/grey text. So that’s good. In this section I don’t see the services titles and icons. Probabaly white as well. See aviation.keuning.nu on the services section.

So far this theme is working really well for me. I am using this test website to check base functionality to decide to buy it for future use.