Hi Hans,

We’ve made changes but I’m afraid we have misunderstood each other. The solution you gave me is to translate admin panel. What we need to be translated is ABOUT US and WORK content section on the HOME web page.
I have both pages (ABOT and WORK) in EN and ES but integral only allows you to show 1 language in the home page content section. When you select, you only could select one page in one language and this content doesn’t change to the other language when you switch languages.

I need the content to be translated from the pages in EN or ES when I switch languages. I mean:

1- we have the content of work section in ES and EN (both pages). The content shown is:
2- When I switch language to Spanish:
3- The work content section doesn’t change:
4- The theme doesn’t allow or doesn’t show the translation of the content (the page content) in the other language.