2 things stopped working since upate

  • 2 things stopped working since the update to Serenity Pro

    1. y Scheduled blog posts say that they are being published but they are not showing up anywhere. The post on Monday 3/23 says it was published but it is not in the blog or on the latest blog post section of the web page

    2. you changed the CTA button in the upper right corner of the homepage. But since the update, it has gone bck to colorless until you hover over it. I would like it to be changed back to the same blue as the other CTA in the middle of the hero slider pics.

    Thanks in advance for your help



    Questions #1: This issue would be related to whichever scheduling plugin you are using or to the core scheduling feature in WordPress and not related to the theme itself. You can try deleting the post and re-creating it. Also, check the Status & Visibility settings for that post.

    Question #2: If you made any changes to the theme PHP or CSS files the update will have over-written those changes. Which is why it’s always better to use a child theme. Did you or we make any changes to the files?

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