6 Pricing Features limit

  • Hi Hans,

    I have more than 6 pricing features. Is this limit fairly easily extended? Or what would you suggest as the best way to approach?

    Hello @jjsararas

    There is no limit on the number of pricing tables you can have in Integral Pro.

    Ok FYI in your documentation it says “You can enter up to 6 features per pricing table. The feature row will only appear if you enter text.” And since I hadn’t yet purchased Pro, the pricing table element was locked down.

    Ahh ok you are referring to the features in EACH pricing table.

    OK, I see.

    That will require a bit of modifications to 1-2 files, but it can be done.

    Yes features per table! 🙂 How come only six outta the box? Seems like an odd limit to me..

    It worked for what we were doing when we developed the theme and no else requested additional features per table.

    You are the first. But we are open to adding more in the next release of Integral Pro.

    We may just bump it up to 10 to cover for most needs.


    I think I was looking at as more of a comparison table – which often have dozens of line items between Basic/Advanced/Enterprise etc. My feature lists for each each plan aren’t totally set yet, so I’ll reply again later with my ideal scenario ok? Thanks Hans!


    Hi Jeff,

    Yes I see what you mean.

    You can always use a plugin to do that and inset the comparison table inside the content area which appears below the services widgets and above the pricing section (using a shortcode).

    Then you can simply turn off the pricing tables section.

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