Add LinkedIn

  • Hi there,
    Can you add LINKEDIN in the COntact Details Area?
    Or can I add them myself?


    We have added it in the latest version of Integral Pro which we will release in the next few days.

    If you want to wait I will send you a copy once it’s released. Or I can go in and add it right away for you.

    I just need login credentials for your site.

    When replying make sure to select “Set as private reply”.

    I can wait! Thanks!! Good to hear!

    Which means: yes please, let me know once a new version is available 🙂

    Hans? If I type in the Linkedin or Facebook page ( via Integral Options > Contact ) it is not showing on the page. When I hover over the section I do notice it but apparantly the icons are without a dark border or are all-white so they are not visible with the white (requested by client) background. Is there a way to solve this?

    You can change the color of those icons by overriding the default stylesheet class for those icons.

    Use this code in the Custom CSS box of the Custom Code section.

    .contact ul.socials li a {color:#333;}

    You can change the color to whatever you want.

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