Additional Features Section

  • I want to add another Features section in addition to another one i have at the top of a one-page website. How can i add another?

    Adding more widgets under the already existing one is not a option, i need it lower down on the website.

    Hello @Ethix

    Unfortunately you cannot duplicate the Features section.

    You can do it however by editing the theme files.

    I am not sure if that is within your capabilities. If not we can refer you to a customization service.

    Is it possible to add another features section into a separate page?

    I can navigate the theme files, but id be unclear on what parts i need to copy.

    Hello @Ethix

    Features are added using Widgets and they require to be placed into sidebars.

    A solution would be to create a new sidebar and place it inside one of the Extra sections.

    Then you could add the Feature Widgets into the newly created sidebar.

    Again, this will require some customization of the theme files.

    Here is the list of files you will need to edit,


    Let me know if that helps.

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