Automatic Updates doesn't recognise my activated license

  • Hello. I’m currently on Integral Pro 1.4.3

    I’d like to update to the latest version. This version supports automatic updates, but the button in this section says “Activate License”.

    Clicking it takes me to the Theme License page, where it says my license is active for this site.
    “License key is active. Lifetime License.You have 2 / unlimited sites activated.”

    Below that is a blank button. Inspecting it reveals that it’s the license de-activation button. There is no button on this page to update Integral to a newer version. What can I do to get the latest version, besides the “old skool way” of downloading the new version and overwriting and re-installing the files?


    In order to update themes you must go to Appearance > Themes.

    If an update is available for your theme you will see the following message.

    New version available. Update now

    All you need to do is click the Update Now link.

    Hello Hans,

    Thank you for replying. What you describe is indeed the expected behavior. It’s not what I’m seeing though. I believe Integral Pro is now on v1.4.9? As I mentioned, I’m using 1.4.3 and I’m not able to use a button like “New version available. Update now”. There is no such button.


    Integral Pro is currently at version 1.4.5.

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