Background color subtitle in Contact section

  • Hi there, I am using Integral Pro. The Contact section is black, just like the Services section. But in the Contact section the subtitle has a white background which is strange cause I have not yet changed the standard theme. No customizing en no child theme yet. You can have a look at this URL :
    I switched off the ‘Coming soon’ page so you can see it. I checked the css file, checked the customizing, settings. Can you help me in this?


    I like what you’ve done with the theme by the way, it looks good.

    It seems you copy and pasted that text from somewhere and you also grabbed some code along with it.

    Delete the text you have in the subtitle field then copy and paste it into your Notepad (Text) editor and then copy and paste it back into the subtitle field.

    That will fix it.


    Thanks for the compliment. Not finished yet, but getting there.
    You are absolutely correct. I see the additional code in WordPress if I change the editor to text instead of visual. I deleted the code and it’s fixed. Knew it had to be something simple.


    You’re welcome!

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