Call To Action, Hero Padding, Footer

  • A few things:

    1) The Call To Action section will not accept my button text or button link. It reverts to the “Download Info” text that came with the template and when clicked, returns to the top of the page instead of my link. Regardless of what text and link I input into the section.

    2) After the update, the padding option for the Hero Section is gone. Was that intentional?

    3) The Footer section doesn’t allow for anything other than social links. I’d like to add text: a copyright note and “Disclaimer” and “T&C” links. Is there another section for this I’m just not seeing?


    Hello @strachbe

    #1 – I found the issue and have fixed it in the code, I just need to issue an update.

    #2 – Yes it was. I opted for a full-height section. However, if you think it would be better to have both options I will add it back to the theme. Let me know what you prefer.

    #3 – I can add this capability. What do you prefer – a textarea with option for you to put anything you want there or the ability to set a menu and display links? You will be able to display links in both options you will just have more flexibility with the textarea option.

    Once you let me know the answers to these questions I will make the changes and release an update.

    Also, if there is anything else you need (section, feature, setting, etc) let me know.

    I am looking to get feedback from users to gradually improve the theme.

    Hello @strachbe

    I fixed items 1 and 3.

    Please update your theme.

    I will wait for your answer on item #2.

    1) Fixed! Thank you!

    2) I’m a fan of having the padding options 🙂

    3) Perfect. Thank you!


    I have added the ability to choose between full-height or padding for the Hero section.

    Please update the theme to get the latest changes.

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