Can't change fa icons

  • I’m trying to change the fa icons with the integral feature widget and the only fa icons which seem to work are the ones that originally come with the widget even though it gives access to the icon class list. The upload button for your own custom image doesn’t work either.

    E.g: fa-paper-plane works but fa-video doesn’t work.

    Are the fa icons locked unless you purchase the pro version? The download page says the feature section is free and customisable.


    Integral is using FontAwesome version 4.7.0 and we will be upgrading to version 5.0 very soon.

    Here is the cheatsheet for available icons for version 4.7.0

    Regarding the inability to upload your own icon, you can try navigating to another page with the Admin Dashboard and then going back to the Widgets page, then try and click the upload button.

    Let me know if that doesn’t work.


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