Change color Integral option, contact

  • Hi,

    How can I change the colours of the contact section?



    Hello Rob,

    The ability to changed background and content colors is only available in the Pro version.

    Or you can use some CSS code to make the changes yourself.

    Hi thanks,

    Where can I find all the CSS code to make the changes?

    Should those changes be made in style.css or custom.css?



    Hello Rob,

    Well, you’ll need to use the Developer Tools feature in your browser (ctrl + Shift, i).

    Or you can inspect the php files themselves to locate the proper CSS selectors to target.

    But this is more for advanced WordPress users.

    Here’s an example,

    .contact {bacground-color:#000;}

    That will change the background color of the contact section to black.

    Hi Thanks,

    I had a look at the Developer Tools and that was helpful.

    Where can I find the php files to locate the proper CSS selectors to target.



    Hey Rob,

    Navigate to Appearance > Editor and select the sections folder. The files you see control the one-page template sections.

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