Change CONTACT colors

  • Hi,

    My client would love to have the CONTACT part of Integral Pro in negative then as is.
    SO instead of the dark background he would like it white. With matching font-colors of course.
    Been trying to work the CSS but not able to see how the header of that Contact-area changes color for instance.


    What I would do is add a custom css class to the contact section and use that to customize the styles (background, fonts, colors, etc).

    In the Contact Section of Integral Options, at the bottom, there is a field to input a Custom CSS Class.

    Let me know if that helps.

    Problem is I cannot write css 🙂
    I can read it a tad, but not write it.

    If I know what CSS I need (the header and the horizontal rules as well for instance) then I can google and autodidact it, I am sure.

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    I saw you have only 1 dark section on your site.

    In Integral Options > General Settings > Colors, you can change the background, font, color and title for the lite and dark sections.

    That will solve your problem.

    That works!!

    Only the title CONTACT does not change color. Where do I do that?

    This will be fixed in the new release of Integral Pro.

    Which we will be releasing today. You will be able to download from your account and install.


    Integral Pro has been updated and released. Log into your Customer Dashboard to download it.


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