Change dark style to light for Services and Contact

  • Hi there, I there a simple way to change the style of the sections Services and Contact to light? I tried changing the CSS, but takes many changes that will be overwritten by any update. Can I somewhere assign these sections to the normal styles instead of the dark style?

    Thanks! Kind regards, Fokko

    I am using Integral Lite


    Yes you will see in the

    tag in the contact.php file a css class or dark.

    You can change this to lite.

    Or you can also install the Integral Child Theme and make your updates to that copy and your changes will not be wiped out the next time you update.

    I changed from dark to lite by deleting the ‘dark’ part. For instance ‘Bigtitle_dark’ to ‘Bigtitle’. If I change dark to lite then it doesn’t work.

    But…The bigtitle is ok, the subtitle below the bigtitle is ok. What is not ok is the ‘CONTACT INFO’ above the address/telnumber/etc. Also the icons for social media are still white, so not visible.

    I tried to change the class=”fa fa-youtube fa-lt”, but don’t know what to change it in. Or if it is correct to change that

    Additional help please, thanks!

    Hello @fkeuning

    My apologies it seems I overlooked your reply.

    Do you still need help with this?

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