Change page names

  • Hello, i would like to know how to change de page names (Sections) of the website pages. My site correctly works with the pages, but sometimes its giving me the wrong link over to the top

    Example: is my R√ČALISATIONS page that i have created over the #services. Can i change this so it doesnt show services or wtv on navigation bar.



    Yes you can do that by editing the theme files.

    Go to Appearance > Editor and select the sections folder.

    Then select the services.php file.

    You will see at the top of the files the following code,

    section id="services" class="services dark

    Change the ID to whatever you wish.

    Then save the file.

    Hello Hans,

    I did what you told me.. Had to change de menu links of my pages.

    For some reason on the mobile version, the menu does not load like it used to. the menu keeps open over at the top, making it kind of hard to navigate.

    any ideas to fix this?



    Hello Kevin,

    I believe I answered your last question via email, can you confirm this or do you still need help with the menu?

    My sincere apologies if you didn’t receive a reply to your latest question.

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