Chronological post order

  • Hello Guillermo,

    We tested changing the order for DSC to ASC in the code but it didn’t make a difference.

    We would need more time to look into the issue.

    What I think would be better (and quicker) is to use one of the Extra sections which comes with Integral.

    Extra 1 and Extra 2.

    You could list your upcoming events in once of these sections.

    Are you using an Events plugin or simply creating them using regular Posts?

    Thank you Hans for your answer!

    I’m using the regular blog because I like the way a certain number of posts are shown on the frontpage with a button directing to the blog.
    I tried some events plugins but they look ugly compared to your template.
    We also like the idea of any member of the trio being able to add a simple post with the date from anywhere at any moment.
    Obviously I’m missing options but trust me that I’m doing what I possibly can with my very limited knowledge! 🙂
    Looking forward very much to hear from you!


    Yes I understand your predicament.

    What you want to do would require writing some custom code.

    I unfortunately cannot complete that before the weekend and we don’t offer customization services. We want to focus on building themes specifically.

    If you want to take a crack at it you can look at the code on the blog.php file between line 22-63.

    I will have a look next week and see if I can find a quick solution for you.

    Does that work for you?

    Dear Hans,

    I appreciate your reply very much and of course will make your proposal work!
    I will wait until you are able to have a look with anticipation, whenever you can.

    I wish you a nice weekend and hope to hear from you at some point next week.

    With many thanks,


    Dear Hans,

    Hope all’s good.
    Did you have any moment to look at this? I’m looking forward to see if we can find a solution so I can migrate the site to the root and launch it.
    Many thanks in advance!


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