Considering upgrading to integral pro

  • Hi, as you can see from my site,, I don’t intend on having much on the page, as it is only a hobby of mine. Since I’m completely new to this, I’d like to confirm some things before I buy the full theme:
    Will I be able to just have three tabs above, like “home”, “about”, and “contact”….and more importantly, I want this links to not go to a new page, but rather just move down the the corresponding section on the single home page.

    Also, is it the case with the lite version, that I cannot change the stock photos, but with the pro version I can? Thank you very much, there are the questions I have thus far.



    Yes you will be able to keep your 3 tabs.

    To configure the menu anchors for the sections read this

    As for your last question, yes in the Pro version you will be able to change all the stock photos.

    Okay thank you for your response! My follow up questions are:

    I’ll be able to upload any photo and place it anywhere on the page, right?
    Can I change the background color from white to another color?
    sorry, but I just have to triple check with you that the link you sent me above is about directing a top link of the page to a lower part in the page, and not a whole new page

    It looks like i’m going to go with Parralel pro!


    When you say “I’ll be able to upload any photo and place it anywhere on the page, right?”

    Are you referring to the content areas, or the background of a certain section.

    You can do whatever you want inside the theme’s files and code, but the options panel does allow you to change the backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc.

    The best thing for you to do is to install Parallel Lite or Integral Lite and try it out.

    As for the link I sent you, yes that is to create a menu item which will bring you down to the corresponding section on the same page. Like you see in the demo.

    Thank you. I already have one of the LITE versions, , but i’ve only been using word press for less than 24 hours..but you’ve helped me a lot since I just want to make sure I can do those things before I buy the full version…it seems clear that the full version is superior to the lite…I dont like the lite so far

    If you go to my “site”, the top menus take the user to a completely separate page, so that’s why I was asking…I don’t specifically recall the demo page doing what you said, though I don’t doubt that does….
    and to answer your question “Are you referring to the content areas, or the background of a certain section?”
    I’m referring to the content areas as well as the background section, but mainly the content area, since I want to add my own photo

    thanks again for offering this service

    Okay, great I just double checked the demo and it does just what I want.

    Yes you can add photos to any content area.

    That is a basic WordPress feature, so you won’t have trouble doing that.

    If you have more questions, please let me know.

    Hello again. I’m debating between parallel and integral. On the mobile demo, parallel let’s me swipe right on my phone to take me to a completely full white screen…however on the integral mobile demo, it only gives me about a CM or two of white space and then goes back to the main page when I release…why is this?

    also, I really can’t imagine any major differences between parallel and integral, especially since the pro versions are both customizable.

    Hello @cruddell08

    The issue you are mentioning with Parallel on mobile devices was a big which we fixed.

    It does not do that any longer.

    The code and files of Integral & Parallel are almost identical but the design and layout is different.

    Since people really liked Integral we wanted to create a similar theme but with a different design.

    Hi, I just checked both demos on my phone again and it still seems to have that issue with swiping left (blank white space). Do you mean that the bug was fixed for the purchased sites?

    So it looks like you are using Integral and not Parallel.

    I was not able to reproduce the issue you mentioned about “swiping right” on mobile.

    Can you provide a screenshot?

    Also, it seems you are adding your content to separate pages of using the theme’s one-page layout.

    Also, this may help you setup the theme and build your site.

    Okay, I’ve emailed you the screen shot. Of course, I had to make up a registration number as I have not upgraded yet. Thanks for the tutorial video.

    Hi, I’ve just emailed hello at to show you another pertinent screenshot!

    I remember reading this somewhere, but now I can’t find it: In what ways is the overall editing of the site for the pro version superior to the lite version…I mean, editing text and whatnot

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