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  • Hi,

    I set up Integral Lite theme on a brand new WordPress site locally and just migrated it to a digitalocean droplet. I have been trying to get the contact form to properly send an email. I only have the following plugins activated: Contact Form 7, Redux Framework, Theme Demo Import. I have set up the contact form in this way and input the proper shortcode:

    To: [email protected]
    From: [your-name] <[email protected]>
    Subject: Company Name “[your-subject]”
    Additional Headers: Reply-To: [your-email]
    Message Body: From: [your-name] <[your-email]>
    Subject: [your-subject]

    Message Body:

    This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Company Name (

    Is there anything wrong with the settings? When I navigate to my website, I enter all the information and press send, but it just spins endlessly. Did I miss set something up? Thank you.

    Hello @andrewowns,

    Could you share with me (temporary) administrator credentials to your site?

    Don’t forget to mark reply as private.

    Thank you,

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    Hello there,

    It seems that after submitting, you are receiving a 500 Internal Error. This is probably due to the hosting configuration. You might want to ask your hosting provider for log analysis.

    If you are running PHP version older than 5.6, try upgrading to at least mentioned one.


    Thanks for your help Piotr. I have contacted digitalocean about setting the proper mail configurations already, although I am able to send mail through command.

    Last thing, how did you see that there was a 500 Internal Error? Would like to know for debugging purposes. Thanks!

    Hey there,

    Mail configuration seems not to be a problem (especially when you are able to send email via command).

    That 500 internal server error occurs in the JavaScript console (when using chrome, f12 is the shortcut to launch Web Developer Tools).

    DigitalOcean support should be able to send you logs. You can also try enabling WP_DEBUG.


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