Contact section – can we link the phone and email?

  • In the contact section, I would like a way to create links for the phone number and email address. Can you make this automatic (or make it an option)?

    Hello @wolfsong

    The phone number is automatically highlighted on mobile devices.

    As for linking the phone and email, I would not recommend that since you will experience a lot more spam in you do.

    If you want to do it anyways you can edit the contact.php file located in the Sections folder of the theme and you can manually add the HTML code for the hyperlink.

    Thank you. The phone link appears to work on iPhone only. I have tried on a couple Android devices but the phone number is not linked.

    You’re right about email links and spam. However, it does make things easier for potential clients so it’s a tradeoff…

    The linked phone number is a feature of Safari on mobile devices. It isn’t related to the theme.

    Chromium on Android is probably different.

    But as I mentioned you can edit the contact.php file if you decide to implement it.

    Okay, thank you.

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