customization adicional pages in Integral Pro

  • In the costumization of a Integral Pro Child theme I created 2 adicional pages besides de Homepage. One for the purpose of contact with default template and right side widget; the second with full-width template for the purpose of text with background image.
    Neither allow me to change colors, background and fonts individualy.
    Already checked the templates but in order to upgrade without flaws in the future I understand that the customization should be in child theme style.css (?), but I don’t use @import. Are there .php files I need to setup? The functions.php in -child is coded with default line as in Codex wordpress grabbing only the template (integral-pro). Also need to use widgets in default template (page Contact) besides right sidebar (i.e. add google maps below content and above footer like the One-Page-template) in order to add social links in all the 3 individual pages.
    What are the container mods I can do without creating to much fuss with the one-page-template?
    Thank you in advance.


    I am sorry for I am not 100% sure I understand your issue. Unfortunately it wasn’t very clear.

    Integral Pro as designed to be a one-page theme. So when changing settings in Integral Options. Only the homepage (one-page) will be affected.

    If you want to customize one of the page templates (full-width for example) you can upload it into the child theme directory and then make your changes.

    Does this answer your questions?

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