Customization of theme and adding text to Team section.

  • Hi,

    I need to add and introduction text in the Team section after the title and before the widgets but I don’t see how. I tried to add a HTML text widget but instead of above the team members, the text appears in row with the team members.
    I have noticed other sections like Services have a ContentAdd feature that allows you to add content above and below the widgets but the Team section does not have this option. Shouldn’t this feature be included in all the sections just in case the user needs it?
    How can I add the text I need?

    Can I make all the page titles the same text size throughout (work, contact, etc are bigger than team, testimonials, etc which are smaller – want these all the same size and capitalization, also with title icons and double horizontal lines at sides)

    Thank you

    Hello @artofwalls,

    Hope you are doing well. Unfortunately, adding text after Team title is not supported now. I’ll let you know if there is a plan to add this feature.

    You can customize your child theme to output text there. You can achieve it by adding your code between 17th and 18th line of code in the /sections/team.php file.

    Yes, however, it will also need some small code customization. You may want to edit each section file of your child theme (e.g. /sections/project-single.php). Changing 17th line of that file from:
    <h2 class=”smalltitle”><?php echo $integral[‘project-single-title’]; ?><span></span></h2>
    <h2 class=”bigtitle“><span><?php echo $integral[‘project-single-title’]; ?></span></h2>

    Will make your Single Project title same size, uppercase, same margins and double horizontal lines at both sides will be also there.

    Unfortunately, we do not support icons above other sections. If you want to output the same icon as in the Work section, you should simply paste this below code in the line above the <h2 class=”bigtitle”> section:

    <?php if ($integral[‘work-title-icon’]) { ?><i class=”fa <?php echo $integral[‘work-title-icon’]; ?>”></i><?php } ?>

    Hope the above is useful to you, let me know if you have any problems.


    Thanks for your reply.
    I assume all these changes you propose will be reverted every time the theme is updated, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I found another way but it is not perfect. I used the About Section that I was not using. Placed it above the Team Section with the title “Who We Are” and the introductory text I needed and in the Team Section I removed the title so both sections look like one.

    The drawback is that in the top menu the underline disappears as soon as I scroll down a little (so I’m placed in the real Team section instead of the fake About section) and the URL ends in #about instead of #team.

    But I can live with that. Until you add ContentAdd to all the sections where it may be needed 😉 If you already have it in other sections, I guess it is not difficult for you to add the code to other sections.

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    Hey @artofwalls,

    Well, I assumed that you are using our Child Theme. If you are not using Child Theme, the changes will disappear every update.

    Your solution looks reasonable, glad that it works. And of course we will consider adding that feature in the future. I’ll let you know.


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