Delete Footer completely

  • Dear Themely team,

    I want to delete the whole footer.
    I only want to have the background with the buttons.

    The header (called navbar) was no problem. But I don´t know how to delete the footer.

    Looking forward for your answer.

    Best regards


    One simple solution to disable the footer is to add the following CSS code in the Additional CSS section of the Customizer.

    Go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and enter the following,

    .copyright {display:none;}

    thank you for the answer.
    This step is clear, but I mean also not to show the the white bar under the picture:

    Is there a possibility to that the picture covers the whole site?


    Are you sure that is not an empty section under the Welcome section?

    Also, can you provide a link to your website so I can have a look?


    this is my site:



    Ahh I see what the issue is.

    You need to increase the top and bottom padding for the Welcome section.

    You can do this in the style.css file.

    Look on line 794.

    Ok thx,

    do I have to choose a random value to make it looks fine on my screen, or is there a possibility to choose a value that scale automatically on all screens to the maximum to fit the whole page?


    You will have to experiment with various values until you have what you need.

    You can use percentages instead of numbers which will help with responsiveness for mobile devices.

    Hi, now I have nearly what I want.

    I have added this (.content {display:none;}) on additional css. Now I have tried a little bit with the pixels.

    But I don´t have the result that I want. On different devices I have different views. So that on some of them I need to scroll the background, it makes no sense.

    Is there a possibility to make this site automatically scaling for each device?

    Thank you. I know that is a free support from your side and I am really thankful for your help until here.

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