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  • Hi, when I go to my (WP Integral – free) website on my phone, I get the mobile page instantly. Can this be changed to always landing on / having the desktop page?


    There is no desktop or mobile page. The theme is responsive, meaning it will display content differently according to the device its being viewed on.

    That is a built in feature of the theme.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Hey Hans, thanks for your reply. Well, it says “Volledige site bekijken” / see full site and “Met trots ondersteund door WordPress” / proudly supported by WordPress. When I click the first option, the “full” site is shown, if I don’t it’s more like a Wordpad version of my website. Maybe I’ve used the wrong words by making a difference between desktop and mobile and I should have mentioned “stupid website” and “full website” ;-). Do you know how to fix this (meaning, that if / when you visit my website on a mobile phone, you instantly go to the “full” page?


    Unfortunately I still don’t understand what you mean.

    Can you provide screenshots or a link to your site?

    Here are the screenshots:


    Are you referring to the link at the bottom of the 1st screenshot which says Mobiele site bekijken?

    If you are, that is not part of our theme. I do not know where that comes from but you must have a plugin installed which is displaying that information.

    No, that’s the full website, which is fine. The second and third screenshot are the “problem” ones.


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