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Disable google font GDPR (DSGVO)

  • Hello,

    i have a pro premium integral theme and i need support how can i delete this from child-theme/function.php

    The site is loading from: –>webfont.js —> css?family=Roboto:400Montserrar:400

    What i do:
    I have doing and downloading the fonts manually, i have created in child theme a fonts folder.
    I have deaktivited google font with a plugin.

    but this this TWO file are laoding how can i solve the problem ? –>webfont.js —> css?family=Roboto:400Montserrar:400

    ty very much

    Hello Sener,

    You must comment out the lines which enqueue those files in the parent theme.

    It is the enqueue.php file located in the /inc folder.

    Look on line 15. Comment it out by adding two // before the line. Like so,

    //wp_enqueue_style( 'integral_googlefonts', ',300,400,600,700,700italic,600italic,400italic|Cabin:400,500,600,700|Montserrat:400,700');

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