Disable Magnific Lightbox

  • I am using Photonic to control all image lightboxes on posts and pages. Integral Pro is also loading a lightbox which is resulting in two images opening here: https://www.thomsonarchitecture.ca/#projects-grid – is there a way to disable the lightbox script of the theme itself so photonic will control all modal/lightbox windows? Thank you.


    Yes you can disable the script which runs the lightbox.

    You will need to comment out the line which enqueues that script in the enqueue.php file.

    Navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor, click on the inc folder and locate the enqueue.php file.

    On line 20 add two forward slashes // to comment out the script.

    Thanks, it turns out that wasn’t necessary as I am now linking from the projects grid to the new jetpack fullpage gallery so they no longer call the lightbox, but good to know if I ever switch it back or do a popup for the single projects section.

    Ok, sounds good.


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