Dropdown Menu Misfiring

  • Hello!

    I’ve created a parent link that has a drop-down menu, however, the primary link isn’t linking properly. The page has been setup but the anchor is still showing #. I’ve checked the MENU and still no luck.

    Homepage: http://www.dwellwellco.com
    (When you hover over ‘Services’ it shows ‘dwellwellco.com/#’)
    The actual page URL is: http://www.dwellwellco.com/services

    Since the primary link isn’t working I had to create a secondary Services page as a catch all called ‘All Services’.

    Please advise!

    Thank you!!


    Yes, when you add child menu items to a parent, it automatically becomes and anchor for mobile devices. Otherwise on mobile devices when trying to open the sub-menu, it would take you directly to the Services section or page.

    If you would like it to behave differently I would suggest installing and using this menu plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/megamenu/

    You will just need to modify the header.php file of our theme to insert the php code for the megamenu plugin.


    I tried the Mega Menu plugin, however, it messed with the mobile version of the site and as soon as you click on the hamburger menu it immediately closes.


    I just checked out your site and I see what you mean.

    Can you provide me with admin access to your site so I can log in and have a look for you?

    I think it’s just a configuration issue.

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    Hey Hans!

    Do we have an update on the Services page as it corresponds to the drop down menu?

    I deleted a lot of unused plug-ins back around the 26 ‘Mega Menu’ being one of them.

    The mobile hamburger menu is misfiring on some of the sub-pages as well..

    Thank you!


    I checked out the site and it looks like the call to action ribbon (Get Started Today…) at the bottom of the site is causing the issue. There are some errors appearing in the console.

    Disable that and see if the menu issue persists.

    Hi Hans!

    I disabled the Notification Bar and the issue still persists. The dropdown menu is still not working since the ‘services’ page is a parent to the child sub-pages.

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