Dropdown Menu Misfiring

  • Hello!

    I’ve created a parent link that has a drop-down menu, however, the primary link isn’t linking properly. The page has been setup but the anchor is still showing #. I’ve checked the MENU and still no luck.

    Homepage: http://www.dwellwellco.com
    (When you hover over ‘Services’ it shows ‘dwellwellco.com/#’)
    The actual page URL is: http://www.dwellwellco.com/services

    Since the primary link isn’t working I had to create a secondary Services page as a catch all called ‘All Services’.

    Please advise!

    Thank you!!


    Yes, when you add child menu items to a parent, it automatically becomes and anchor for mobile devices. Otherwise on mobile devices when trying to open the sub-menu, it would take you directly to the Services section or page.

    If you would like it to behave differently I would suggest installing and using this menu plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/megamenu/

    You will just need to modify the header.php file of our theme to insert the php code for the megamenu plugin.


    I tried the Mega Menu plugin, however, it messed with the mobile version of the site and as soon as you click on the hamburger menu it immediately closes.


    I just checked out your site and I see what you mean.

    Can you provide me with admin access to your site so I can log in and have a look for you?

    I think it’s just a configuration issue.

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