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Easy Digital Downloads – Sharing Icons

  • Good evening,

    I’m exploring some options for selling digital downloads on my website.The plugin I’m using is Easy Digital Downloads but on the page for each product I add it messes up some of the social media sharing icons that are part of the Integral theme. For example on this test page:

    I’d really like the sharing icons to work on these pages. The sharing icons on the other posts still work perfectly.

    If you click on the button to purchase the product the “added to basket” text comes up but it’s over the top of the Facebook share text so I wonder if it’s an issue with the spacing between the button and sharing icons.

    Do you know why this might be happening or how to fix it please? As always, your help is really appreciated.


    Hello Chris,

    It seems that Easy Digital Downloads is adding some HTML to the output of title in the product page.
    You can see it there:

    < span itemprop=”name”>Guitar</span>

    When we pass this title to the URL of the sharing feature we are having this:

    < a href=”<span itemprop=”>

    Instead of this:

    <a href=”

    Basically, additional ” are being passed, and they’re destroying the HTML code. I am not sure if we can resolve it as Themely, I’ll investigate it further and let you know.

    By the way, why you are not using WooCommerce :)?


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    Hi Piotrek,

    I tried WooCommerce today and it works really well so far so I’ll stick with that. Thanks again for the advice.

    Thanks again.

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