Enter @ in diferent pages is not possible

  • Good afternoon Hans

    I have made the following observations in the theme Integral-Pro:

    1) In the theme Integral-Pro I cannot enter the symbol ‘@’. For example I cannot enter an email address.
    This is occurring in the CONTACT but also in other pages.

    2) In general I cannot paste any caracters in no editable field.

    3) If I am changeing the menu point of the main top menu,so I have got for 1-2 seconds a distorted picture with superimposed texts of
    the “old” menu point and of the “new” menu point.

    Thanks in advance for your support.

    Beat Carl Sigerist

    [email protected]

    Hello Beat,

    It seems you may have a bug in your installation of WordPress.

    Here are two things you can do.

    1. Disabled plugins until the problem goes away, then you have identified the plugin which is causing the issue.

    2. Install debug Bar to see if there are any PHP errors in your site, https://wordpress.org/plugins/debug-bar/

    Let me know if this helps.

    Hello Hans
    Thanks a lot for your great advice. Yes it has helped. The plugin WP-Secure content was the reason that it was not possible to enter the at symbol (‘@’) in every entry (for example in the contact).
    Have a nice day.


    Hello Beat,

    You’re welcome.

    Glad to know you figured it out.

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