Error messages header/footer and menu not working

  • Hi guys,

    Just updated to the newest version and MENU is now gone. (Notice: Undefined index: header-section-toggle in /home/vanrhee1/domains/ on line 39)
    Also footer is gone and all I see is “Notice: Undefined index: footer-section-toggle in /home/vanrhee1/domains/ on line 11 ”

    I did not touch the PHP’s so what is the matter?


    Go to Integral Options > General > Homepage Layout.

    Make sure the Header is enabled.

    If there is still an issue, send me admin access and I will log in and look around.

    Thanks man. I did check for that already, but that was ok.

    I found it!

    There was a ” # ” in the Instagram and Youtube somehow. So I removed it and voila!! MENU is back and the FOOTER is back… I guess the ### blocked those area’s somehow!

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    Ok, excellent.

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