Extend Team Section / TeamWidget

  • Hi,
    I use team section and planing to use 250 teamwidgets.
    For my project I need show photo album when the team’s image clicked.
    I have idea to extends the teamwidget to add a link so open a popup window ?
    What do you think or can you give me your advice ?
    I started a new child may be it is a way ?

    Hello @brmca

    To customize the Team Member widget you can edit the Parallel Extensions Plugin.

    The file is titled our_team_widget.php and is located in the Widgets folder.

    I got it thank
    How I can avoid erase my changes in the our_team_widget.php if you will update you plugins

    Hello @brmca

    Unfortunately you will to create a local copy (on your desktop) to upload after we issue an update.

    or just refrain from updating the plugin.

    Each time we update the plugin the code will get replaced.

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