Grid project widget – image uploads won't stick

  • I’ve tried several times to upload new pictures into my Grid project widget, and each time the widget reverts to the original stock images I inserted weeks ago. I have been making sure the image size is correct, I’ve saved my changes, and yet the new images I upload don’t appear in any previews or even if I reload the widget page, they revert to the old images.
    Advice appreciated,


    Hello Maia,

    Are you sure you don’t have a caching plugin enabled?

    Are you sure you’ve saved your changes?

    I can log in and see what the issue is if you can provide me with admin access.

    No one else is having this issue so it’s most likely an issue with the WordPress installation or maybe conflicting plugin.

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    Yes please. I want to log in and see what the issue is.

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    Thank you,

    I will need the username and password you use to log into the Admin Dashboard as well.

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    Hello Maia,

    I managed to get some images working.

    I see 2 issues.

    Some of your images are VERY large. Much too large. You should reduce them in size. You can do that in the Media tab of the Admin Dashboard and you can resize and crop images.

    If you enter # sign in the link field you can then save the Widget.

    This may be a bug which I will be looking into today.

    But you can use that as a work-around until we figure out the issue.

    Hi Hans,
    have you had any luck into looking into a possible bug? Been waiting a while and I’d love to resolve this issue!


    Yes we’ve been looking into it.

    I will follow up with you tomorrow and inform you when we will release an update.

    I expected a response on June 9th, is there any update? The website is live to our audience and repetitive incorrect images look very unprofessional.
    Looking forward to your response,

    Hello Maia,

    We have found the issue but we haven’t pushed an update yet.

    We are testing it further.

    I can apply the fix to your website.

    The issue is with the latest update of WordPress where they changed a requirement for image uploads.

    If you can provide me with admin access to your website I will log in and apply the fix to your theme files.

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    Hello Maia,

    I have logged in and update your theme files.

    You should be good now.

    Please clear your browser cookies and cache and log into your Admin Dashboard.

    If you have any issues please let me know.

    Hi Hans, it appears to be working now, thank you

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