Header Image Change

  • Hi,

    I installed and then deactivated a https fixer plugin, but now the header image of the Parallel theme has changed and the whole site looks completely different. How can I restore the Parallel image with the skyscrapers that I had before without losing content?

    Thanks for the response.

    We released an update of Parallel Lite (free version) yesterday and testing a different Hero image. So you must of updated the theme as well.

    Simply download and use the image I provided in my previous reply.

    Thanks for the fast response. I assumed the SSL fixer plugin messed up the whole theme. It cost me extra money to buy the back up restore service from my hosting company; even they could not get back the skyscrapers automatically, but had to do a manual restore.

    I definitely like the skyscrapers image most; I think it is very beautiful and would like to keep it despite future updates.

    I appreciate the help and enjoy using your theme.

    That plugin may of been the source of the issue.

    That’s unfortunate however.

    You can use the Duplicator plugin to create backups of your site and it’s free.

    It’s a good idea to create regular backups before making major changes.

    Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

    I assume you already disabled the SSL fixer plugin?

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