Help! The theme isn't showing my edit pages

  • So I downloaded the Integral Lite theme along with the test data. I set it up on my VPS and started to edit the various sections to try and pull an idea together of a new website for my business. Everything was working fine until I removed all the default WordPress example pages, at which point my Integral themed site seemed to revert back to the basic Lite theme i.e. all my customisations were lost. The strange thing is though, that when I edit any of the sections in the theme, my text is still there, but its just not showing on the website. Even the Welcome page has my company name, tagline and description in the editor, but all that I can see in the website is the standard “Elegant Business Theme” tagline.

    Any thoughts on how to recover my site?

    Hello @matts

    The issue is you deleted a page which was using the “One-page Layout Template”.

    You should follow steps 2-3 of the setup instructions for Integral and the issue will be fixed.

    Go to Appearance > Setup Integral.

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