Hero Picture slider

  • Hi ,
    I would like to disable pop uping text when i have only one version of text but few diferent pictures …
    Where can I eddit Hero Slider behavivor ? Also on mobile phones I would like to be able to edit picture on the center or somehow notto be on mobile phones that pictures in the corner or something like that ..

    So i would like to have static text
    and pictures sized for mobile phones ..

    Thank you


    My apologies for the delay.

    If you wish to disable the animated text in the slides you can edit the code located in the scripts.php file located in the js folder of the theme.

    In your Admin Dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor, select the js folder then select the scripts.php file.

    Delete line 53 to 60 and save your changes, see screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/jvrjdoy27c4rpip/serenity-animated-slider.PNG?dl=0


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