Hero section on mobile version : blank on the bottom

  • Hello,

    I encounter an issue with the Hero section with widget, only on mobile version, the same than on the Themely demo page (screenshot)
    The images are all 1920×1080, but the content of each widget has not the same quantity of text or buttons.
    The images don’t take a full height and leave a blank space on the bottom.

    Image size hero widget problem

    Hans, you already have the access to the website if necessary.
    Thank you or your help.


    We will release an update in the next few days which will address this issue.

    Make sure you’ve activated your license key in Appearance > Theme License in your Admin Dashboard.

    Hello Hans,

    thank you for this update to come.

    Do you think it can fix this other issue, the menu button on mobile version which jump to the next line, and hide the titles of hero section ?
    (I think the logo is too big or not wide enough proportionaly, but what can I do to have a large logo on website and a smaller on mobile ?)


    Thank you


    The issue is because the logo is too wide for that screen size.

    We will some code which will restrict it’s width on mobile devices.

    We’ll release this in the next update which should be in the next week or so.

    Does that work for you?

    Hello Hans,

    yes it will work for me, thanks a lot.

    Waiting for this next release.


    Excellent, you will also receive an email once the update is released.


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