Homepage Header Pic sizing

  • Hi,
    I’ve noticed that the homepage header pic is not full size on any web browsers (but it looks ok on my phone). And depending on which web browser I use, the percentage cropped is different.

    How do I get the picture to not be cropped?

    I see now that if I size the window differently, I get a different pic dimension. With a smaller window, I’m able to see the entire pic. But if I were to enlarge the window, then the pic appears to be cropped.

    With that said, is it possible to keep the picture full size regardless if I minimize or maximize the browser window?

    Hello @kingfish,

    Thanks for using our theme. I don’t think using 1920x1080px full-size image is a good idea.

    I would suggest cropping (or scaling) image to desired dimensions, and add the CSS below to your Custom CSS Code section:

    .hero.default {
    background-size: auto;

    Let me know if my answer resolves your problem.


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