how to change services section body text

  • I’m not finding the feature to change the text located in the services section. I can only change the title and subtitle, along with how many columns show. I’m trying to change the large text paragraph from the default lorem ipsum.

    Hello @fastblago

    You must first create a page, and enter the text. Then select that page from the drop down entitled “Content: Select the page you want to pull content from to populate this section” in the [Integral Options] panel for the services section.

    I’m not sure if I follow. I created a new page with some text that I want in the services section. Now what do I do? I don’t see the dropdown menu titled “Content: Select the page you want to pull content from to populate this section”. I don’t see the the Integral Options panel either.

    Hi @fastblagho

    My apologies you have Integral Lite, which uses the native theme Customizer.

    You should still have an option to select the page which you want to pull the content from.

    What version of Integral do you have? 1.0 or 1.0.1?

    If you provide me with the login credentials for your site I can log in and find and/or fix the issue.

    Make sure to select “set as private reply” when responding.

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    Hello @fastblagho

    The issue has been fixed.

    You will now see a [Content] option in the services tab of the Customizer.

    I have the same problem that I can’t change the latin text in the Services section.

    Can you help me as you did for the other user?

    Many thanks.


    Please download the latest version of Integral Lite, version 1.0.6.

    You can download it here,

    Then follow these instructions to upgrade your theme

    The latest version addresses all those issues.

    I have the same problem but can’t figure out how to solve it… I already have the latest version of the theme and wordpress I think. Can you help me too?

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