How to update paid 1.4.7 to 1.5.1

  • Hi Hans, don’t see an option to update the theme within wordpress and when I go to the ‘Download’ link on your site it prompts me for full payment details when I already paid for Integral Pro – wondering how I am missing how to obtain new files to update the theme? Sorry for troubling you with such a basic question… Best, Andy

    Sorry didn’t click integral pro. I see I put Elemental as the theme question – wrong topic, sorry. Also, I found the link to the file for the D/L but get this warning: “Your license key for this purchase is expired. Renew your license key and you will be allowed to download your files again.” I thought this was a perpetual license? How much is the cost to upgrade?


    Hey Andy,

    Yes the license is lifetime. I can renew it for you.

    I resent the purchase receipt with download link and license key.

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    Hello @user_71

    Yes of course. Please check your email. I have re-sent the Purchase Receipt with download link.

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