How to use the main theme for other sites?

  • Hello,

    I have the main theme for the homepage, customized with my widges.
    Now I want to create a new site, with the same structure, but not with the same content.
    Is ist possible to “copy / duplicate” the structure including the widget?
    But later I want to change the content etc.

    Best regards

    Yes you can use the Duplicator Plugin to accomplish this, here is the link

    This will allow you to clone your website exactly as it is, then you can edit the content in the new copy.

    Hi Hans

    Thank you very much for your quick solution.
    I installed the plugin and it works.

    I have seen that the installer needs a own database without tables.
    Is it possible to duplicate in the same database, otherwise later I will have 15 databases, one for each page.

    Best regards

    Unfortunately if you want to create an additional copy of the site you will need a database for each instance.

    In your previous message you mentioned you wanted to create a “new site”. Are you trying to create an additional page like the homepage, or a new separate site?

    Sorry, you are right.
    I mean a page in style of the homepage.


    Since this theme was designed to be a one-page theme, it is not possible to do this without customizing the theme files.

    This will take a bit of time and incur a cost.

    You can always hire a WordPress developer to customize the theme for you.

    Unfortunately we do not offer this service as of yet.

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