Image size in Single Projects Section

  • Hi Hans, hi everyone,

    I am having problems with the image size in the Single Projects Section gallery.

    I have resized my images to 300px of height outside of WordPress and added them to the media library.
    In Widgets/ Homepage Single Projects Section I add a gallery and add the images.

    But with every setting of size (preview, medium, large, full size), the images are resized in the webpage to 1800+ px. Plus: These settings are not saved. When get back to the gallery (I have to reload the page, if not, the button “gallery” ist not working), the size settings are back to “preview”.

    I am on WP 4.8 and these are my active plugins.

    Akismet Anti-Spam
    Contact Form 7
    Jetpack von
    Redux Framework
    Theme Demo Import

    The website is



    Hello Volker,

    I checked out your website. I see the image of the mobile phone.

    However, it is much too small. You will need an image at least 1200px in width.

    Right now the image is only 156px wide and is being stretched out which is why it is very “blurry”.

    Upload a larger image and your problem will be solved.

    Hello Hans,
    thanks for your answer. I understand what you are saying, although it does not help me. I want to show the image with its original dimensions and not a big one.

    So there is another way?


    Hello Volker,

    Yes I see what you mean.

    Yes there is.

    Use the following CSS code in the Custom CSS field of the Custom Code section in Integral Options.

    .flexslider .slides img {
        width: auto;

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