Image sizes for homepage; turn off blog excerpts

  • I can’t seem to find documentation for the standard image sizes for the homepage. I am using the 3 per row grid for blog posts, projects grid, etc but my image heights are different. I believe I need to recrop so the aspect ratio is the same for all images…can you please let me know what it should be?

    I also can’t figure out how to turn off excerpts on the homepage for blog posts. I am able to disable it everywhere else but they still display on the homepage.

    Hi Dana,

    The size for the post thumbnails on the home page is 720×360 (2 to 1 ratio)

    The reason why some may not be the same size is because you uploaded an image which was smaller than than 720×360.

    Try uploading a larger image and it should solve the issue.

    Thanks! And what about my question about how to turn off blog excerpts on the homepage?

    Hi Dana,

    Ah yes, my apologies.

    Use this line of CSS code in the Custom CSS field of the Custom Code section in the Integral Options Panel.

    .home-blog-entry-text p {display:none;}


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